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World Deliverance International Contributes Three 40 ft Containers of Food for Jamaica

We received word that today is the day the food for Jamaica will leave the port and is ready for immediate delivery. World Deliverance International(WDI), a Jamaican NGO humanitarian organization, has cleared the three 40 ft containers of canned chicken from customs to be distributed to the needy, hungry, children and families in Jamaica. Each of these 40 ft containers has on it 53,760 12.5oz cans of precooked chicken. This brings the grand total, for the three containers, to 161,280 cans.

Love-a-child, a humanitarian organization based in Haiti, helped WDI put this project together. WDI is donating one container of chicken to Food For The Poor, an organization that has been helping the people in Jamaica for many years. The other two containers will be distributed through WDI’s organization. This food will be distributed through some of the schools and churches throughout the island. The New Testament Church of God will be one of the organizations that will be coordinating with WDI in this project.

The United Nations has determined that 1 in 6 persons in Jamaica, lives in poverty. WDI is in harmony with the United Nations’ Global Agenda to eradicate world-wide hunger, illiteracy, health problems and disease. Jim Whittington, President of WDI, says this is just the beginning of many projects planned for the future.


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