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An Invitation to the United Nations

On Friday, November 18th, 2011, Jim Whittington attended meetings with several representatives at the United Nations (UN) in New York City. He had been invited by representatives of the UN. In these meetings, Jim Whittington and the representatives discussed how relations between World Deliverance International (WDI) and the UN could be enhanced in helping with their Global Agenda. World Deliverance International is a Jamaican NGO corporation and its agenda is in harmony with the United Nations’ Global Agenda to eradicate world-wide hunger, illiteracy, health problems and disease. This humanitarian organization has representatives, not only from Jamaica, but from other countries of the world. The senior vice president, Petra Schmidt is from Germany,  Bishop John Hardy, and retired police officer, Derron Pusey are from the Island of Jamaica and other officers of the corporation are from the United States. This organization is not only reaching out to Jamaica, but to other countries and islands as well. Currently, WDI has three, forty foot containers of food waiting to be released from customs in Kingston, Jamaica. This food has been donated to help alleviate the food shortage and help feed the children and hungry people in Jamaica. Each container has over 53,000 12 oz cans of chicken that will be a tremendous help. The United Nations has determined that 1 in 6 persons in Jamaica, lives in poverty. Jim Whittington stated in one of the meetings at the UN, that this is only one of the world-changing projects that WDI is undertaking. There are even greater plans for the future.


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