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The Come Apart And Rest A While Break Is Over

After taking a few days off for rest and relaxation, Jim Whittington is back in full swing. He arrived last night on American Airlines from his 106th mission trip to Jamaica. The crusade Sunday was said to be one of the greatest crusades ever held at the Wyndham Hotel in Kingston!

Special guest pastors joined the services and dance hall singer Bounty Killer once again attended the crusade. He joined Rev. Whittington for the Jericho march around the auditorium, proclaiming victory for Jamaica. The march is based on the Biblical victory march of the Israelites around the walls of the city of Jericho, a formidable opponent of Gods people. It symbolizes the falling down of the “walls” of crime, illiteracy, poverty, hunger and sickness.

Prime Minister Bruce Golding announced this weekend that he was not seeking reelection. We are praying for God to direct the election of a new leader to lead Jamaica during this time of worldwide restoration and financial crisis.

While in Jamaica, Rev. Whittington and his wife, Susan, attended a reception in the honor of the 21st anniversary of the Day of German Unity at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel in New Kingston. The event was hosted by German Ambassador Josef Beck and his wife, Gudrun Beck.


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