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World Deliverance and Jim Whittington are joining the efforts of the United Nations to eliminate hun

I want to update you on some of the latest World Deliverance Crusade projects. Currently, we are working to fill our first container of food to be sent to the Island of Jamaica. Many of you may remember that last year we donated to Love-A-Child — a Christian humanitarian organization – a truck that was used to deliver more than 15 million meals to starving families. We hope to launch the same effort in Jamaica!

At the World Food Day opening ceremony at the United Nations, or UN, we became more aware of the desperate needs around the world. We would like to help the UN fulfill its mission and global agenda to help eradicate hunger, illiteracy, and health problems worldwide and particularly in Jamaica, where we have already established partnerships with many leaders, churches and humanitarian organizations. According to the UN, more than one in six Jamaicans — overwhelmingly rural dwellers and women – live in poverty.

Recently I spoke at the Rotary International luncheon in Kingston, Jamaica, and the warm reception for our organization and our mission was overwhelming. Support for our efforts was pledged by many members, including Mrs. Lorna Golding, the wife of the Honorable Bruce Golding, the prime minister of Jamaica. Mrs. Golding will partner with us to provide mobile units that will travel to inner-city and rural schools to administer hearing and vision testing for students who would not otherwise be able to afford basic medical services. Already, we have been in touch with a company that will provide estimates for the construction of the mobile units.

We believe that with your generous support, we will launch this program in the very near future.


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