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What An Exciting, But Safe Flight

My flight Tuesday from Jamaica was very exciting. We missed our approach at the Miami airport and had to abort the landing. We had to go back up and fly around a second time. Thank God this one was successful, even though it was rough. As I was leaving the plane, the pilot said to me, “Thank you for your prayers, we sure needed them today.” The weather in Atlanta was bad when we arrived here, but I thank God, in the 99 mission trips that I’ve made to Jamaica, all of them have been safe. It’s good to be back home again.

Jamaica was wonderful. We were able to supply the highschool in Olympia Garden with forty globes. The staff assured us that these were desperately needed and would be very helpful to the students. We are also supplying laptop computers to as many of the students as possible. Computers are very difficult to come by in Jamaica and when you do find one that can be purchased, the price is outrageous. We have been able to find a source that we can purchase these laptops for $165.00 each. If you would like to help donate one to a student, it would be much appreciated. We will then furnish you the name, photo, and a thank you note from the student that receives it.

I will be in York, Pennsylvania at Heritage Cathedral, beginning Friday evening April 8, 2011, with Pastor Steve Rambler. I will be there through Sunday evening, April 10, 2011. I want to see all my friends in the area.

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