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Breaking News: The Crusade Service in Atlanta was Heaven on Earth

They came from five different states to attend the Restoration Healing and Blessing Service Sunday in Atlanta, GA. They came from Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, North and South Carolina. Everyone that attended, left with a testimony of a Blessing or Miracle, that they had received. We can’t wait for the next Restoration Healing and Blessing Service in Atlanta, on August 7, 2011 at 2:30 pm. The conference room at the Holiday Inn at 450 Capitol Ave, is a perfect setting for the miracles and blessings. Make your plans now to be apart of these services with Rev. Jim Whittington and receive your next Blessing and Miracle. This weekend, Friday June 10 through Sunday June 12, Rev. Jim Whittington will be ministering in Wilmington, NC at the Upper Room Praise & Worship Center at 406 Central Blvd at 7:00 pm, where pastors Tim Houska, Benjamin & Ashley Beeman welcome everyone. It is a special treat just to be in attendance at one of these services with these pastors. We’re expecting a special visitation from the Holy Spirit in these services. Hope you can be there!


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