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BREAKING NEWS: Heart Creates Its Own Bypass

My mother has had two light heart attacks within the last two months. The doctor suggested a heart catheterization, even though she is 86 years old. We called all the family together to pray. We called on friends, loved ones and minsters, to pray. Bishop Dennis McGuire, the former General Overseer of the Church of God, Dr. T.L. Lowery, founder of the T. L. Lowery Global Ministries, and many others prayed for her. What I am trying to tell you is, someone, somewhere, got a prayer through. The doctors had wanted to do the heart catheterization on Friday, but Mother wanted to wait until Monday, which they did. We kind of believe that Mother was giving God a chance to work a miracle. Well, this is where the “heart creates its own bypass,” comes in. When the doctor went into the heart, he found that the artery, on the right side of Mother’s heart, was totally blocked. Because it was totally blocked, there was nothing that he could do. If it had been 99% blocked, he would have had something to work with. Here is the good news about the miracle. The doctor discovered that Mother’s heart had created a new blood flow around the blockage. You may have heard of this before, but I never have. It has all the makings of a miracle to me. Mother went home today, and the doctor said when the heart creates its own bypass, the flow gets better as time goes by. Medication will be given to help, and thank God for the doctors. The scripture I gave my mother before she went in for the catheterization, was the same scripture that I held onto in 2007. That’s when I had to have an Aortic valve replaced with an artificial valve. The doctor even said that I “flat-lined” (died) twice, on the operating table. Psalms 118:17, is the verse of scripture we both held onto, which says, “I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the lord.” To God be the glory!!! And for whatever it is worth department, I did see the light at the end of the tunnel.


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