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Jim Whittington Throws Out The First Pitch

Sunday May 15, 2011 was the opening day of Camp Meeting 2011 at the Met in Philadelphia, PA. Pastor Mark Hatcher asked me to be the lead off speaker. So I threw out the first ball, struck the devil out and prophesied that at the end of this 28 days, the score would be Jesus, 28 and the Devil 0. What a marvelous, wonderful, outstanding, service we had. The crowd was even bigger this year, than it was last year. Heaven came down, many renewed their commitment to Christ and others were touched, spiritually, physically, and blessings of God were pronounced on them.

This camp meeting will continue through Friday, June the 10th, 2011. There will be 28 different speakers, speaking during these 28 days. It’s going to be Heaven on Earth. Along with Pastor Mark Hatcher, there will be special guests, like Bishop Paul Morton, Pastor Sheryl Brady, Bishop Noel Jones, Pastor Rod Parsley, Pastor Jackie McCullough, Prophetess Juanita Bynum, Pastor Steve Munsey, Pastor Paula White, Apostle Richard D. Henton, and of course the renowned Dr. Morris Cerullo.

These are just a few that will be participating in Camp Meeting 2011 at the Met(Holy Ghost Headquarters) 858 North Broad St, Philadelphia, PA. If you live in the Philadelphia area, or wherever, and would like to attend a camp meeting, head for the Met, where the presence and the power of God is being manifested. Get there quick as you can and you will never be sorry that you did. By the way, tell Pastor Mark Hatcher that I sent you. Last but not least, congratulations to Pastor Mark Hatcher, on his ordination as a Chief Apostle, which will take place Saturday, June 11th. For further information you can go to


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