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Jim Whittington is making a difference in Haiti

Rev. Jim Whittington, World Deliverance, and Love a Child sent two containers of text books, valued at $1,000,000.00 US dollars to the Penwood High School in Kingston Jamaica. These books also were shared with other High Schools in the area. Jim Whittington has been involved in helping those in need in Haiti for many years.

Rev. Whittington is following the same path of service in ministry that his family is known for. Rev. Jim Whittington is a fourth generation minister. His father, Rev. A. B. Whittington, was pastor and minister for the Church of God for over 50 years. His uncle, Rev. H. L. Whittington, the father of Hall of Fame Gospel Singer Eva Mae LeFevre, built the first brick Church of God in the world as well as helping organize and establish over 30 other Churches in that organization including what is now know as the Mount Paran Church of God of Atlanta GA.

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