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How I Know God Heals The Sick

Book by Jim Whittington

Evangelist Jim Whittington outlines the five sicknesses that can ruin your life – and God’s cure.

1.  Sin – Soul Sickness

2.  Physical – Body Sickness

3.  Mental – Sickness of the Mind

4.  Financial Sickness – The Need of Money

5.  Spiritual Sickness – The Need to Come Back to God – To Get Right With Him

Jim Whittington tells of God’s miracles in our day. Faith promoting. Learn how you can be Healed.

CD’s Available from Jim Whittington

  • Jim Whittington Remembers “He’s Everything” – Singing Disc
  • “Enhance Your Chance” – Crusade Disc
  • “I Made It” – Live in Jamaica With Jim Whittington & Special Guest April Whittington Hardee – Crusade Disc
Lovell – “In Times Like These”Singing CD by Rev. Whittington’s Daughter featuring 11 tracks:

  1. It’s In My Heart
  2. I Can Not Fail The Lord
  3. Is There Any Peace?
  4. My Song of Assurance
  5. Daystar
  6. In Times Like These
  7. To Be Used Of God
  8. He’s All Right With Me
  9. When He Was On The Cross
  10. Medley: I Am Redeemed, Learning To Lean, Jesus Is Precious
  11. Invitational (There’s Room At The Cross)
April Hardee – “Thread of Hope”Singing CD by Rev. Whittington’s Daughter featuring 10 tracks:

  1. He Ain’t Never Done Me Nothin’ But Good
  2. Except for Grace
  3. Hymn Medley
  4. Thread of Hope
  5. Blood Bought
  6. It Came to Pass
  7. It’s All Right
  8. Just Be There
  9. That’s Enough
  10. Come Just As You Are

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